Flavio Mangione

Band: Sunshone Still

Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A

Arni, thank you for uniting us lefties!

I initially showed an interest in the drums around the age of 18, but that was not very practical at the time. As fate would have it, I soon met a working bass player in my college art class and I was
immediately drawn to the idea of playing bass. I expressed an interest to my family and my cousin graciously lent me his right-handed short
scale Memphis bass. The bass was accompanied by a tiny battery powered amp and I literality fumbled my way around for a little while.

With an increased level of interest and potential, I decided it was time to switch to an actual left-handed bass. Despite my laser-focus, finding an actual left-handed bass proved to be quite difficult. I ended up
with what seemed to be the only left-hand bass in town, which was an
Ibanez SR series bass.

I also upgraded my amp to a 50 watt Crate combo. My gear was not very good, but it led to where I am today. I’ve been playing 17 years and the bass is still a significant part of my life. I play varying styles of music, ranging from alt-country, rock, funk, and jazz.

Lefty 62 reissue Fender Jazz bass (Japanese) with Nordstrand pickups Rothstein wiring, Bad Ass Bridge II & Gotoh tuners

Converted Lefty 67 Hofner 500/1

Lefty Vienna Munich upright bass with K&K Master Pro pickups/Preamp

Lefty 2005 Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray

Lefty Kala U-Bass

Eden WT 800
SWR 350
Ampeg Portabass 250

(2) Ampeg Portabass 2x10’s

Pedal Train Jr. Board
Electro Harmonix Bass Synth
Fulltone Bass Drive
DOD Bass Grunge FX92
Boss TU-2 Tuner
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+
Aguilar DB-924 preamp