Dave Harvey

Hertfordshire / England

Dear Sir,I was very pleased to come across your site,It is good to know that there are other keen left handed Bass players around.

Dave Harvey

This is a selection of some of my work:

The Tornados,Brotherhood Of Man, Sacha Distel,Frankie Vaughan,Aboud Abdul Al,The London Symphony Orchestra,Val Doonican,Renee & Renata,Eric Faulkner,Barry Upton,Alishas Attic,The Shakatak Orchestra,The Mini Pops,Oscar Stuart Blandamer,Delta

Top Of The Pops-Supersonic Christmas Special,The Kids From Fame 1983 Tour,TV in UK,Israel ,Holland,val doonican bbc tv,the asian pop awards at the albert hall,backing all artists.the tornados in the uk germany and belgium-here and now feature on session musicians,club mix with percy sledge,chyi chin and chyi yu staduim concert in taipai taiwan--going live house band jingles,artic light bassetts,ronseal,sports masters theme

joseph,starlight express,the moscow state circus,the rocky horror show,the care bears,house bassist at baileys,the circus tavern,caesars palace,backing hundreds of acts.

nyjo,john grimaldi's cheap flights,ian parkers killer bees,yeh yeh,nasuna (my own band)-Member of clem cattini's tornados plus many more

Hugh Manson Custom 7 String Fretless Bass.
Ray Cooper Custom Twin Neck 4 String Fretless Bass/Fretted Bass.
Ray Cooper Custom 6 String Teaching Bass.
Ray Cooper Custom 6 String Fretless Bass
Ray Cooper Custom 5 String Fretted Bass
Ray Cooper 4 String Fretless Bas

Zoot Horn E500 Valve Top
Trace Elliot Series 6 Top.
Laney 4 x 10 Cab
Ashdown 2 x 10 Mag Cab
Bass Baby Combo
Polytone Mini Teeny Brute

Chandler Chorus Unit ,DBX 163 X Compressor
Korg DTR 2 Tuner,Zoom 1202 Effects Unit
Yamaha SPX 90, Nomad Axxman

Schaller Volume Pedal,Arion Stage Tuner
Ibanez Bass Chorus,Zoom 506 Multi Effects