Hier könnt ihr euren Linkshänder-Bass anbieten. Einfach eine Email mit Foto und Beschreibung senden. Ich werde ihn umgehend in das Internet stellen (kostenlos natürlich). Für die Aktualität der Angebote kann ich nicht garantieren.

If you like to offer your lefthand bass, please feel free to send me a email with pic and discription. I will publish it asap (for free of course). Sorry, but I can´t proof if these offers are up to date!

iliani 5 string bass

alder body with ash top

very light weight

superb bubinga scale on the mapple neck

mic seymour duncan bass linesvery powerful with 2 bands preamp

you can get jazz bass 70 or 60 or musicman souding with the humbucker switch !

trus rod ok; very low action 2.25 on the 12st fret.

more photos and information at : jerome18340@yahoo.fr

sold 400 euros !



FAME Baphomet

very easy to play bass, trus rod ok, thin neck feel like a jazz bass, very low action ( 2.25 mm on the 12st fret and 1.75 on the 24st fret)

high quality bass and beautiful bubinga thin and curved body.

MEC electronics and préamp Made in germany bass.

400 euros !!

more photos on demand

mail : jerome18340@yahoo.fr


Left handed Schecter 5 string AB-5+ Avenger series bass,

Made in Korea, neckthru 34" scale, Mahogany body in a gloss black finish. Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard. EMG Hz soapbars with a 2 band active eq. This bass is a 1999 model and was bought as a backup. The bass is in mint as new condition and has been well taken care of over the years.

It has never been rehearsed with or gigged with.There are no dings, dints or chips anywhere on the bass. Setup with a dead straight neck and low action. No fret buzz anywhere. Frets are like new. Has been recently setup by a local tech and has a new set of strings installed. This model is no longer in production left-handed. (Does not come with the case pictured).

€795 including fast airmail shipping worldwide and will be packed professionally. Anymore questions or pics just ask.



Kala U-Bass California Fretless Lefthand - very rare!

Year of construction: 2013
Condition: mint

I am selling this beautiful and great sounding U-Bass out of the US-handmade California series. This instrument was custom built for me by Kala in 2013 and since this model is usually not available as a lefthand version, there are just very few of them worldwide.

It was played only at home so there are no scratches or any damages, and it sounds and works very fine.

I decided to sell it since I do not play it very much anymore.

An original Ubass gigbag and a power adapter which is used to charge the battery for the pickup system, are included in the sale.

The bass is located in Wuppertal, Germany and I would prefer to sell it to someone who can pick it up in Wuppertal, but we can also discuss shipping at your cost.

Since this is a private sale, any warranty is excluded.

Asking price:
800,00 EUR (plus shipping)

For more pictures or any questions feel free to contact me at armin.alic@googlemail.com


Maruszczyk Elwood 5-String Lefthand Bass

Year of construction: 2007
Condition: used

I am selling this great sounding and beautiful Maruszczyk Elwood 5 lefthand Bass. This bass was on the road with me a lot and I did play it on many albums, for instance you can hear it on most songs of the album „Tsar“ of Victor Smolski´s band „Almanac“.

It is a pretty heavy jazz bass with a fat sound and it plays very easily. I loved playing it for a long time, but since I do not use it that much anymore, I decided to sell it.

Since this bass has done many tours (among others with Almanac, the Henrik Freischlader Band and the Royal Street Orchestra), there are some scratches and bumps on the body and neck, but it was recently revisited and set-up by my bass tech Lutz Griebel, and everything works fine.

The bass is located in Wuppertal, Germany and I would prefer to sell it to someone who can pick it up in Wuppertal. But we can also discuss shipping at your cost. It is now strung with an used set of Elixir strings and its used gig bag is enclosed in the sale.

Since this is a private sale, any warranty is excluded.

Asking price:
700,00 EUR (plus shipping)

For more pictures, technical specs and / or any questions feel free to contact me at armin.alic@googlemail.com


Maruszczyk Elwood L5-String Custom Lefthand Bass

Year of construction: 2008
Condition: used

This bass was custom built for me by Adrian Maruszczyk and it used to be my main bass for a long time. It was on the road with me a lot and I did play it on many albums, for instance on the album „Tsar“ by Victor Smolski´s band „Almanac“, or on the album „Live at Utopiastadt“ by the Royal Street Orchestra.

Here are some video links where you can hear and see the bass:

This bass impresses with its very light weight and a modern sound. I loved playing it for a long time, but since I do not use it that much anymore, I decided to sell it.

Due to a lot of touring and the heavy use over the years, there are some scratches and bumps on the body and neck, and the finish has peeled a bit on the spots with most body contact, but the bass has been revisited and set up by my bass tech Lutz Griebel recently, and everything works very fine.

The bass is located in Wuppertal, Germany and I would prefer to sell it to someone who can pick it up in Wuppertal. But we can also discuss shipping at your cost. It is now strung with an used set of Elixir strings and its used gig bag is enclosed in the sale.

Since this is a private sale, any warranty is excluded.

Asking price:
700,00 EUR (plus shipping)

For more pictures, technical specs and / or any questions feel free to contact me at armin.alic@googlemail.com


Beautiful Warwick Corvette 5 string,

Nirvana Black oil finish. Warwick ID Nr. B-113067-05.

Built in November 2005. Swamp ash body, ovangkol Neck. It's really a light weight bass. Enjoyable to play.

It was checked in july 2017 by a guitar maker.

Bill and the flight case is inclusive. Shipping in Germany too.

Asking Price is 950 €.



Carvin BK40

Based on a BK40 kit bought from Carvin in 2016.
It's a 2-piece mahogany body, 5-piece walnut/maple/walnut/maple/walnut neck with carbon-fiber rods, standard Jumbo stainless steel frets, and birds-eye maple fretboard.
The veneer on the headstock was added by a luthier.
Tru-oil finish on the body, headstock and back of neck.
18V Aguilar OBP-3 electronics, Carvin H50A neck pickup, Seymour Duncan SJB-2B bridge pickup.
The neck is really slim, and very fast. It is super stable and dead-straight, allowing low-action setting if desired.
Frets are not used.
The bass is light (3.77 kg) and extermely well balanced. It's a pleasure to play, with broad tonal possibilities.
It's in very good overall condition. I sell it because I don't play 4-string anymore.
Price: 340€ plus shipping from France.

Contact: BassMan769@netcourrier.com


I' m selling my Musicman Stringray (year 2007), 4 strings (D 'Addario NYXL 45 - 105),

ash body, maple neck and fingerboard. Adjusted keys with the plec method from Chloe Guitar.

The bass is in perfect condition and does not show signs of wear, as you can see from the photos. Including the original hard case.

For further details do not hesitate to contact me.

1000,- €

For payment I accept bank transfer on c / c. I am willing to ship in Europe (to be paid by the buyer). isacco.gioffredi@gmail.com



Year of construction: 2014

I´m the only owner and the bass is in 100% mint condition, with a original softbag and documentation.
The color is not the original, is the only modification in the bass.
The bass is located in Madrid (Spain).
I sell it for 1400Euro + shipping.

Contact: danifernandezbass@gmail.com

One piece maple neck.
Six point bolt-on neck.
Palisander fretboard with 22 frets.
One piece dibetou contoured body pickguard.
Marleaux 2 band Eq with passiver pick-up blend.
2 pick-up split switches
2 oval Marleaux custom pick-ups made by Delano body jack
Chrome ETS/Schaller+ security locks

Neck measurement 5-string

Scale: 864 mm / 34"
Nut: 47 mm / 1.85"
12. fret: 67 mm / 2.64"
24. fret: 76.5 mm / 3.01"
Bridge: 76 mm (2.99") / 19 mm (0.75") each string


Custom Warmoth Mocking Bird Bass.

African Tulip + Maple / Red Wood Stringer's. Maple neck + highly figured Maple finger board .

Excellent condition and very rare because Warmoth don't make this body anymore + Aluminium Flight Case .

£ 950 + shipping or collect.

Contact: colbassman@aol.com



Year of construction: 2017

I´m the only owner and the bass is in 100% mint condition (only 1 year old), with a original softbag and documentation.
The bass is located in Madrid (Spain).
I sell it for 900Euro + shipping.

Body: Ash
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Maple
Construction: Bolt on
Frets: 21
Pickups: Delano Single + Humbucker
Electronics: Delano Active-Passive
Controls: Volume, Balance, Bass, Treble
Weight: 4.1kg
Width Fret 1 (mm): 45
String separation on the bridge (mm): 18
Scale (inches): 34
Others: The Treble control acts as a Passive Tone in that mode. Switch Series-Parallel-Single for the humbucker

Contact: danifernandezbass@gmail.com



For sale is my Custom NS BASS. In stunning Buckeye Burl + matching head stock .

Mahogany Wing's with Maple/ Redwood stringer's 24 fret's highly figured Birdseye Maple finger board , Norstrand Fat Boy pick up's + Norstrand 2bd EQ .

Custom Laquer finish .

£750 + shipping.

Contact: colbassman@aol.com


Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass 3TS LH 2008

- 3 tone sunburst
- Alder body - Rosewood fingerboard
- All original
- I'm the second owner.
- The bass is in very good condition.

- Price 920 Eur + shipping

Feel free to contact me via ‘’ emresargin91@gmail.com ‘’ for more info and pics


Neuser Courage 5

I would like to sell my Neuser courage 5

In a perfect condition with a hardcase

I encourage you to learn about Neurer on the website.

I ask 1100€ I can send it everywhere plus shipping.

The bass is in Serbia

contact: acapulco.bob@gmail.com


Ilianni MM style

Body alder
Maple neck
fingerboard rosewood
pickup Nordstarand Mr.Big
onboard preamp MEC
bridge Fender
mashinehead Shaller
This is an extremely powerful instrument, very light and easy to play. Great possibilities of sound design with the help of active electronics but also passive mode works beautifully.

The price of this beauty 1000e including the original Music Man suitcase + delivery.

contact: acapulco.bob@gmail.com


Ilianni white V

Vrat- maple

Body mahogany

Magnets-SBS handmade



This is the ultimate instrument, the hand-work of the best Serbian constructor Ilianni.

Price for this bass 1100e + delivery. I send more photos on request.

Email acapulco.bob@gmail.com


Alleva-Coppolo KBP-5 Custom

If you’re looking for a vintage P-bass sound but need / want that low B, look no further. As you know, Alleva-Coppolo is known for nailing that vintage sound and this is no exception.

Furthermore, it’s in absolute mint condition and comes with a very sturdy flightcase. A gig-bag is an option too if you prefer that.

You can get all that without the multiple year waiting list. Now for some specs:
5 string passive P
Alder body
Very smooth sugar maple neck
‘Jimmywood’ fingerboard (it’s a dalbergia (rosewood) hybrid species)
Custom Zoot / dayglow poly finish
Perfect weight at 8.5 lbs

Asking 4250 EUR. Worldwide shipping is possible. More pics on request.

Not looking for trades at the moment. Also have a look at my Sadowsky NYC Will Lee 5 for sale. Thanks!



Sire Marcus Miller Swamp Ash 4 strings

Bass is as new as it is very little played and is not out of the room

380 €



Maruszczyk Frog Beta 4a LH

Longscale 34“, 24 frets, bodywood alder white with gloss finish.
Hardrock maple neck (set in = without screws!)
Ebony fingerboard an matched headstock.
Pickups: Delano Xtender 4 HE/S
The Xtender bass pickup range is made to bring up the sound of this bass to new frontiers.
You most certainly have never expirienced fat bass tone voiced that pure and sweet ever before!
Electronics: active 2-band Delano sonor 2
1. volume(active/passive push/pull switch), 2. balance, 3. bass, 4. treble (passive tone blend)
The black hardware makes a perfect optical finish!
The bass ist bought in 2017 and in mint condition!
Comes with security locks and black leather strap in a Maruszczyk gigbag.
I sell it for € 580,— (actual price new € 1.730,— !!!).
Shipping in EU is includet! Pictures on demand.



Maruszczyk Jake 4a Red burst LH

Longscale 34“, 21 frets, bodywood alder red burst and mate finish.
Hardrock maple neck (bod on).
Ebony fingerboard an matched headstock.
Black pickups: Haeussel with 1 mini switch (serial/sigle coil/parallel)
Electronics: active 2-band Delano:
1. volume(active/passive push/pull switch),
2. balance, 3. bass, 4. treble (passive tone blend)
The black hardware makes a perfect optical finish!
This bass ist almost new (1 year old) and in 100% mint condition!
Comes with security locks and black leather strap in a Maruszczyk gigbag.
I sell it for 580 Euro shipping in EU is includet!



For sale is my second beautiful lefty made in Japan Nanyo Bass Collection SB320 in rare brown body and gold hardware finish.

This is as well one of the original Japanese Nanyo and no clone and / or reissue.

In very good and all original condition.

All original switches, tuners and P/J pick-ups are there and work flawlessly. 2-band active electronics.

Recent strings (DR stainless) are mounted on it.

Small dent on headstock + barely visible scratches on the back of the body. No blemish on the paint job.

Sounds amazing, extremely lightweight (3,75kg) and easy to play like all Nanyos thanks to the slick and slim neck design.

Serial number : 954437

Ritter gig back included !

350€ posted in Europe. Please get in touch for out-of-Europe shipping.

Many more pictures and details on simple request !

Contact : jer.durand@gmail.com

Thanks for watching !


Verkaufe oder tausch von mein MIJ Fender Jazz:

Sieht gut aus, nur wenige Spuhr von Gebrauch. Ich bin “second owner•, laut Serienummer in 2006-2008 hergestellt.

Bildern auf Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ghshrry8fius1po/AACS7QJMPr-3v7vr0VkbcMKJa?dl=0

Ich wohne in Dänemark aber kommt oft in D, zwischen Hamburg und Hannover. Versand auch möglich, Preis kommt dazu.

Preisvorstellung ist 850 mit hardcase, tausche gern mit Marcus Miller P bass oder andere P bass mit active/passiv. Schreib mit gern an wenn Fragen :-)



SANDBERG California TM5

Body: Ash
Neck: Hard Rock Mapple
Delano Pickups ( MM+J)
Preamp: Active/Passive Glockenklang 2 bands+ passive tone+ parallel/ serial MM pickup switch

950 €
(+ Shipping)

I bought it in a Bass Shop as an expo model; it showed a Small poc and a few marks of use, so i got a price drop on it. I do the same here

More pictures and infos: afayamima@gmail.com


Musicman Bongo 4

I'm selling my Musicman Bongo 4 Left Handed, perfect condition, this bass sounds amazing.

- Only played at home.

- Comes with original MM hardcase in perfect condition.

- More information and pictures on request.

- I will ship it within Europe only.

- Final price drop:

- Contact: jeff_silva2@yahoo.co.uk


BC Rich Warlock made in Korea.

Some paint chip and dings as always on these models.

Everything works fine, sending more photos on request.

170 Euro with gigbag.



Jazz Bass USA american deluxe 4 string bass from 1998-99.

3 Tone sunburst, alder body with rosewood fingerboard. The bass is in great condition. Including original hard case.

Previous owner bought this bass in USA in recording studio. I would like to buy Music Man stingray or sabre with maple neck and natural colour.

Price 1000 euro or Exchange for Music Man stingray 4 strings.

Email: arewee1979@gmail.com


Warwick Rock Bass Corvette Classic 5 strings

made in 2003 and now is in very good condition. This bass has very amazing sound.

Price 430 euros.

I want to buy Music Man stingray 4 str or I will accepted Exchange with additional charge from my side. Or you can offer me any fretless bass 4 str.

Email: arewee1979@gmail.com


Ibanez ATK , very rare and lighweight, awesome sound with Mapple Fretboard

very low action ,trus rod ok, frett are ok also
preamp 3 ways Glockenlang
triple humbucher coil with 3 positions of switch ( Précision / Bright / Attack --> serial humbucker )
only one small pocs
very confortable and fast neck

350 euros

european shipping possible in gigbag --> 35 euros
european shipping possible in hardcase--> 55 euros



Sandberg VT5 HCA

3-Tone Sunburst Hardcore Aged

Canadian hardrock maple neck

Maple fretboard with Abalone dots

Tortoise pickguard

Delano PJ-pickups

2-band EQ with passive tone control

Asking € 1200 (incl. shipping EU)

Bass is bought new, I'm the only owner and is located in the Netherlands



Custom made 5 string bass, made in Cornwall UK in 2016, very little use since, never gigged.

Based on 2 different well known make of basses, body is Cuban Walnut and Idigbo laminates an centre beam,

neck is PNG Rosewood and Idigbo with Zirecote fret board,resin dot markers in 9ct gold rings.

Pick ups are Nordstrand big splits with active Seymour eq

Babicz fch bridge and Warwick machine heads

In vgc comes with vgc padded strap and padded bag.

Based in UK and pick up preferred due lack of courier insurance for musical instrument, however buyer can arrange own courier if they wish.

Price is £950 GBP , offers considered



Warwick Streamer stage 1

Selling my 6 string streamer

Amazing bass

Plays great and sounds great

1400 euros plus shipping

Contact robert66777@aol.com

For more pictures and info


I am selling my beloved Sandberg. It served me well for many years:)
In excellent condition. I have only used it for practicing and bass lessons.
The Delano stickers on the pickups has worn off because of use.

Custom Supreme - specifications NECK 5 x bolted / 5 piece canadian hardrock maple and walnut
FRETBOARD rosewook, 24 frets, special oval "mother of pearl" inlays
SCALE 864 mm / 34"
BODY mahogany and rarewood top
FINISH highgloss
HARDWARE bridge: sandberg / machine heads: Hipshot
PICKUP 2 Delano Quadcoil X-Tender, PU split
PREAMP sandberg 3-band, active / passive
3-way switch for mid frequency selection
Price: 800 Euros
I am willing to share post expenses.
Please message me for any questions at askorp@hotmail.com


Streamer, 4-string
White Highpolish finish
Colored Flamed Maple AAA body
Ovangkol neck
Chrome hardware
Lefthand Made in Germany
Price : 800 Euros
I am willing to share post expenses
The bass is in an almost perfect condition, there are only a couple of scratches next to the cable input. I can provide pics if you wish. I believe the price is excellent considering the price of a Warwick manufactured bass nowadays.
Please feel free to ask me any questions or request more pics at askorp@hotmail.com


Warwick GPS Corvette 4 FL Bubinga LH

I am selling my fretless lefthanded Warwick GPS Corvette that's in excellent condition. Never used it outside of the house, no dents or scratches. I always take care of my instruments and this one is as good as new.
Please mail me at askorp@hotmail.com if you require more pics or details.
You are also getting the soft case that was included with the bass.
I will post worldwide. The item is located in Athens, Greece. I am willing to share the post expenses.
Price: 500 Euros


Superb BAss IBANEZ SR 1200 Premium, vintage natural flat, a beast in slap and fingers with very low action

neck very slim and fast, very lightweight, mint condition, superb preamp that can work in active or passive mode !

700 euros including shipping EU with Ibanez hard case like new (cost more than 100 euros itself)

paypal accepted in friends or 4% extra off

more photos with pleasure !



Very rare lefthanded fretless Carvin AC40.

A semi-hollow acoustic bass with a mahogany neck, which runs through the body, giving a smooth transitional heel for effortless playability to the 24th fret. The mahogany body is hollowed-out for the best amplified acoustic tone possible, while keeping the overall weight low.

The LR Baggs ribbon transducer pickup, combined with the design of the body, eliminates the unwanted boomy bottom end and feedback found in large bodied acoustic basses.

Ebony fingerboard with white dots inlay, 14 inch radius.
Ebony acoustic bridge with strings through body.

Laquer is a bit faded.
Asking price:
700 euros without transport costs.
Comes with original case.



Sandberg California TT-5S Harcore Aged Masterpiece

Aged Roquefort Blue

Alder body

Bolted Canadian hardrock maple neck

34" scale

Maple fingerboard with pearloid blockinlays

22 frets

J-Bass Single Coil pickups

2-Band EQ, active/passive tone conrol

Mint pickguard incl. Gigbag

Price € 1350 (incl. shipping EU)

Bass is located in the Netherlands and bought new.



1983 Fender precision with rosewood neck

JV serial made in Japan.

This is a rare left handed 1962 reissue in Olympic white.
Upgraded with emg pickups and gold anodized pickguard.
All the rest is original with neck pencil dated 1983.

Overall very good condition, great sound and playability.

$1000 plus shipping in the continental US only.

Any questions, pics, feel free to contact me at: bassmatter23@gmail.com


IBANEZ SR505 Defretted with Crel Pickups hand made inside !

I m selling my superb fretless bass, defretted by french luthier, very light weight,
great souding MWAH . I have put another bridge coil, franch homemade bay Crel Pickups, humbucker series mode,
in order to have great punch focusing tone without sacrifying any mwah. I play it only withe select on bridge coil
and its rock !
Preamp 3 band, the neck is really smooth
the trus rod is realyy good conditions. no pocs harsh in the neck

Scale : 864mm/34"
a : Width 45mm at NUT
b : Width 68mm at 24F
c : Thickness 19.5mm at 1F
d : Thickness 21.5mm at 12F
Radius : 305mmR

neck type SR5 5pc Jatoba/Walnut neck
body Mahogany body
fretboard Jatoba fretboard w/Abalone oval inlay
fret fretless
bridge Accu-cast B305 bridge (16.5mm string spacing)
neck pickup Bartolini® MK-1 neck pickup (Passive)
bridge pickup Crel PICKUPS HUMBUCKER

I sell it in superb conditions, in a hard case ! 700 euros including shipping to europe !

I accept paypal between friends or 4% extra charge.



Rickenbacker 4001 - Fireglo - 1975

Hello together - After 5 years that this bass did not leave its case, I would like to sell it.
As Rick`s are quite famous basses this is a vintage rarity. I went to a master luthier for an expertise on the Rickenbacker.
Due to it`s age, condition: "The bass at hand is in an marvelous condition." - stating on the expertise I ask 3400€.

In Addition You will get:

-The original and copy of the expertise
-Bass Case
-Except for the nut an all parts original
-3% rise of value per year

For any questions or pictures feel free to contact me. Unfortunately I am not interested in any swap, nor going for negotiation on the price - I am very sorry.
The Bass is located in Germany and worldwide shipping is possible.

Contact: enehen@gmx.de


Gently used and delicately cared for semi hollow electric bass..

Comes with manual (sheet), adjustment tool, certificate card, case key. Beautiful sunburst finish, gold colored hardware.

Very low hours, in excellent condition. Includes D'Angelico hard shell case. $830 US.

Brand: D'Angelico
Model: EX-SS
Finish: "Sunburst"
Categories: 4-String, Left-Handed
Year: 2013
Made In: Korea



1990 Wal bass Mk2 - 5 string - Left handed

For sale my Wal Mk2 5 string bass, built in August 1990.
Very good condition, everything works perfectly.
Comes with its original Wal hardcase, which is not in great shape (I got it like that and never used it).
Mahogany core
Shedua facings
Indian rosewood fingerboard

More information and pictures on request.
I will ship worldwide, with insurance.
Price: 3600 euros + shipping
Email : lobster.iozzson@gmail.com


Warwick Streamer 1988 neck thu

Vintage Streamer 4 string

Very good condition

1400 euros plus shipping

Contact robert66777@aol.com For more pictures and info


Verkaufe hier einen StingRay 4 - Bj. 2007

Zustand : sehr gepflegt - quasi NOS

Besonderheit : 1 teiliger Body, 1 Ding am unteren Gurtpin, der "Compensated" Sattel wurde vom Vorbesitzer gegen einen 1A angepassten Knochensattel ausgetauscht)

Verkaufe ihn nur, weil mir der Hals etwas zu dick ist, ich spiele mittlerweile nur noch sehr dünne Hälse. Der Hals dieses StingRays ist so zw. Jazz Bass und Pre CBS Preci

Inkl. MusicMan Koffer

Standort : Nähe Frankfurt a.M.

Preis : 1200,- Euro plus Versand



Warwick rockbass Fretless

I'm selling my Warwick rockbass Fretless Left Handed, in a very good condition, this bass sounds amazing.

- Only played at home.

- Comes with bag..

- More information and pictures on request

- I will ship it within Europe

- Price 250£

- Email: jeff_silva2@yahoo.co.uk


Fodera Emperor Elite 5

Buckeye Burl


pickups : Fodera/Duncan Dual Coil Humbucker

controls : 1 x master volume/tone (stacked), 1 x pan control, 3-band Mike Pope EQ, active/passive switch, coil tap switch, mid range switc, Gotoh

Price : 5800 Euros

email : fabasse@gmail.com


Left handed 6 string Schecter Stiletto Studio Bass Guitar

made in Korea in mint as new condition only used in the recording studio for a session. It has never been rehearsed with or gigged with.

There is no dings, dints or chips anywhere on the bass.

Beautiful honey satin finish mahogany body & bubinga top with neck- thru maple/walnut neck with a rosewood fingerboard.

EMG HZ 45 bass soapbar pickups with 18v 3 band active eq. Gold Grover tuners, diamond custom bass bridge.

Schaller strap locks included!Setup by a local tech with a nice low action and straight neck with a new set of Labella strings.

Frets are in excellent condition. Fingerboard has been cleaned and oiled.

Well balanced bass that is very comfortable to play and sounds great!

€695 including free registered shipping anywhere in the world! Will pack professionally and ship fast!



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